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This is the 9th book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series. There may be spoilers to the series in this, since it is so far into the series. None of them are huge plot points, but they do have to do with relationships and things that happen between characters that affect the rest of the series.

In ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ we follow Anita as she travels to Sante Fe to help Edward on a case. Edward is using his alias Ted a lot in this one. The monster is something(no name given until the end) that is skinning people and leaving them alive, or tearing the people apart at the joints. There are no clues as to what it is because of how meticulous the thing is.

The set of all of Laurell K. Hamilton books is predictable. The books all follow the same pattern. The main difference is the monster. The best part of this series are the characters. All of the characters have back stories, and they are detailed. They are all fully developed people and vary in traits. Some have similar traits, but they always make sense. I really enjoy the character development in this series.

We learn a lot about Edward in this one. He is one of my favorite characters(besides Jean-Claude) and I always enjoy his banter with Anita. They have an interesting relationship and it definitely gets more and more interesting.

We also have two new more important than most characters(I think that’s the best wording). Olaf and Bernando are friends of Edward’s that he called in to help with this case. They both have specialties that pertain to case. Bernardo is the one I like more. He is Native American with dark hair down to his waist. He is funny and Anita is able to talk to him. They have similar childhood struggles. Olaf on the other hand is crazy. He is crazy tall, taller than Dolph. He is a serial killer and mentally unstable. His character makes a lot of things uncomfortable, but he does help. I hope both of these characters come back.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~

The most important part of this story was the relationship between Ted and Donna. HOLY CRAP!!! Edward, I mean, Ted is engaged. Donna has two kids. Anita is not happy about this and at the beginning I was a little uncomfortable with it. It does seem like he really cares for her though. Ted is very good to Donna and her kids. He really seems to care.

Those poor kids though. They get kidnapped and tortured. The worst part is how Peter handles it after. Anita can tell something in him is gone. It’s horrible since he is so young. He’s only 14.

Olaf has a crush on Anita. He wants to hunt with her. The note he left at the end was definitely creepy. He’s whole character is creepy.