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Racheal takes the train to work everyday. The train stops at the same place every day and Racheal always looks out the window. Sometimes she sees the people living in the houses. She even makes up stories for them. Then she sees something she shouldn’t have.

I think going into this story blind is a good idea. It makes it more interesting. It wasn’t a great story. It was kind of annoying at the beginning, but it gets better as it goes. Paula did a good job of making the story fit together at the end. It made very little sense for a while, but it wrapped up nicely at the end.

~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~

Racheal can’t have kids and gets depressed. That is completely understandable. Maybe Tom should have worked on his marriage instead of sleeping with another woman. This whole issue clouds my judgement of most of the rest of the story. Racheal let her life get to much out of hand, but Tom cheating didn’t help. It problems compacted her problems.
Ana and Tom really piss me off. Where do they get off acting so entitled? Tom is a cheater and Ana is the other woman. Ana is just a straight bitch throughout the entire book. She deserves that Tom cheated on her. I like her a bit more at the end after she does what she did to Tom after he gets stabbed.
Detective Riley is even more of a bitch than Ana. She doesn’t listen to a word Racheal says. She treat Racheal like a useless thing.