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‘Night,’ ‘Dawn,’ and ‘Day’ are part of a trilogy. I always thought ‘Night’ stood alone. The books are not all part of Elie’s story. The first is his experience in the Holocaust. ‘Dawn’ is about a young man who survived the Holocaust and was recruited into a terrorist group in Palestine. ‘Day’ is about another man who survived the Holocaust, only to become a shell of the man he used to be.

‘Night’ is the Elie’s story about his experiences during the Holocaust. It starts at the beginning when everything was just a rumor and no one believed the Nazis would get them. We follow him as he goes from camp to camp with his father.

It might be because I’ve read it before, or from how fast I read it, I did not find the book as emotional as other stories I have read. This being said, this is the only memoir I have read from this time period. It is also a translation. I did find some of it shocking and I do think it is an important read. It is small, but it has a big story.

In ‘Dawn’ we follow Elisha as he goes through the night before the dawn when he is set to kill a man. He survived the Holocaust before being recruited into a terrorist group in Palestine.

I find it refreshing reading a story from the perspective of a typical villainous character. Elisha is just a young boy who is told what he is doing is for a greater cause. He knows what he is doing is wrong, and that doesn’t excuse his actions. It is just different when you get to get in the headspace of someone doing a horrible thing. This story was a lot more compelling for me than ‘Night.’ It had more emotion in it with the flashbacks and the ghosts that Elisha sees. I want to feel bad for him even though what he did was awful.

‘Day’ is the story of an unnamed narrator who is injured when he is hit by a taxi. The man survived the Holocaust only to become a shell of the man he used to be.

This was a sad story. Our narrator isn’t sad, but the person he became is. It’s sad because we all fear to end up like him. For something to happen that takes away all will to live. It’s a fate worse than death. This story is told in present moments and flashbacks. The flashbacks make everything clearer, thats the job of a flashback.

For each of these books being around 100 pages, Elie does an amazing job of making a detailed and full story. It isn’t easy to make someone feel after only 100 pages, but I felt for each of these men. Each of these men went through a horrible tragedy. The second to books taking place after, they both have men trying to live after what happened. They are both trying to do an extremely hard thing and Elie does a great job describing their struggles. I would definitely suggest reading these stories. They are not happy, but they do serve a purpose. They tell us about an awful event and the aftermath.