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This round ran from September 5th through the 11th. The theme was short books, that are less than 200 pages. I did pretty good this round with 6 books. I managed to read a total of 208 pages. These are also the only books I currently have available that are short enough.

  1. ‘Night’ by Elie Wiesel
  2. ‘Dawn’ by Elie Wiesel
  3. ‘Day’ by Elie Wiesel
  4. ‘The Hour of the Star’ by Clarice Lispector
  5. ‘The Wicked and the Divine vol. 2’ by Gillen, McKelvie, Wilson, and Cowles
  6. ‘A Treasury of Virginia Tales’ by Webb Garrison

If you participated in this round, let me know how you did. The next round will take place on October 3rd through the 9th, and the theme is mental health.