I’m writing this to correspond with a video I will be posting on my YouTube regarding things I would like to do this new year on my channel and my blog. This post will include yearly wrap-up set up, my video ideas, reviews, and other content.

First, on Youtube I will be posting Monday, Wednesday, and some Fridays. I will post here when I have the content to match. Sometime I will try and do something different, since some videos don’t translate well to text.

Most of the video ideas I have are based around reviews. I write reviews for most books, but I don’t always do a video review. I want to try and do more in-depth reviews and book talks on my YouTube. I will continue to post reviews here, but they have changed to deeper reviews with spoilers. I will be posting my non-spoiler reviews on GoodReads. They will still be linked in my wrap-ups. These will be posted on Fridays.

The reviews I want to work on include in-depth discussions on books I really enjoy and drunk reviews of romance novels. The in-depth ones will be a major work in progress and will most likely be published weeks after I finish the book. They will not take the place of regular reviews and will be published on a different day. I also want to read more romance, and I think drunk reviews will be fun. The books will have a written review, which will be done sober, but the video will not. This will encourage me to get through the ungodly number of romance novels on my kindle. These will also be on Fridays.

I am going to start doing monthly author profiles. They will be posted on a day relevant to the author. Hopefully I will be posting one every month.

I want to film hauls and unhauls, those will be linked on my here.

Tags are fun to watch, so I want to do more of them. I may type them up, but I will also link them here.

Last, My wrap-ups may not stay monthly. I am going to try and do a wrap-up based on genres, so every time I read a certain number of books in a genre I will do a post about them. This will result in smaller wrap-up more frequently. This will also enable me to write more about each book and not have the post five miles long.

I will still be doing reading challenges this year, that post will come later this week. Thanks for sticking around.