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I am going to talk briefly about each book, with a spoiler free spot and then some spoiler thoughts. I will be including my favorite quotes from each book after the spoiler thoughts.

‘Shadow and Bone’
‘Siege and Storm’
‘Ruin and Rising’

Overall thoughts of the series.

Baghra is still one of my favorite characters. The series definitely got better as it went along. I love when Nikolai was introduced, and adored him throughout. The ended was well played out.

‘Shadow and Bone’ is the first novel. It was ok. There was world building and learning about the characters. Alina is learning about what she is and what is expected of her. She has to deal with a lot. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I wanted to. Alina was fine as a main character, but the story wasn’t amazing.

No spoiler thoughts.

‘Siege and Storm’ picks up shortly after the end of the first book. We are now in a different country and hiding. This book was a lot more interesting. The characters are more fleshed out and enjoyable. The dialogue had me laughing out loud. I adore Nikolai Lantsov.

Spoiler thoughts.

I love the addition of Morozova having more than one amplifier. It made the covers make sense. That as an overarching plot to the series fits. It’s more interesting than just trying to defeat the Darkling.


‘I couldn’t help myself. I hauled off and punched him in the face.’pg. 143

‘”Of course I’m jealous. I thought I was going to get to punch him. That isn’t the point.”‘pg. 145

‘”Leave it alone, Tolya.” I said sharply. “Mal wasn’t where he was supposed to have been, and I’m perfectly capable of being stupid on my own.”‘pg. 383

‘Ruin and Rising’ was definitely my favorite of the three. The story was drawing close to the climax. The characters had so much going on. I love the different sides of everyone that we get to see.

Spoiler thoughts.

Baghras death made me sad. The Darkling made me a little sad. Aline stabbing Mal was just a little too much to handle. I loved seeing that other side to Genya. It was absolutely amazing. The ending was satisfying. I like the way the Shadow Fold was dealt with. The Saint thing was handled well. I understand why she ended up with Mal. Overall it was a very satisfying ending.


“You think I can track a giant mythic bird, but I can’t locate one loudmouthed prince?”pg. 65

“I need to know– did you get Baghra out?”
“At great trouble and with little thanks. You might have warned me about her.”
“She’s a treat, isn’t she?”
“Like a fine plague.”pg. 129

Thanks for the rescue.”
“Everyone needs a hobby.”
“I thought yours was preening.”
“Two hobbies.”pg. 140

‘We were most definitely headed to Baghra’s lair. The woman never seemed to be able to keep warm. I wondered if it was because she so rarely used her power. I’d certainly never been able to shake the chill of the White Cathedral.
Nikolai stopped at an iron door. “Last chance to run.”
“Go on,” I said. “Save yourself.”
He sighed. “Remember me as a hero.” He knocked lightly on the door, and we entered.’pg. 142

“I already unleashed Baghra on Nikolai. He’s going to think I stockpile vicious old women.”pg. 167

“Mal,” I sighed. “If I murder her in the Sikurzoi, will you hold me accountable?”
“Yes,” he said. Then added, “That means, ‘Let’s make it look like an accident.'”pg. 274

“Read him religious parables,” I whispered to Misha. “He loves thats.”
I barely dodged the pillow Mal threw across the room.pg. 399